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Past Awards

The 2016 Red Bandana Fund Awards were presented to Artimis Moonhawk and Sarath Suong.


Artemis Moonhawk, also known as Mama Dreads,founded and runs Mama Dreads Mission of Love, a grassroots operation to help the homeless. The award was given “for her tireless compassion, aid to and advocacy for the health and welfare of the homeless in Rhode Island. Through her work with Mama Dreads Mission of Love, she reminds us that our humanity is measured by our care for the least, which she exhibits gladly, joyfully and continually on the streets of our communities. We are all better for her presence in our midst.”


Sarath Suong is Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Providence Youth Student Movement (PrYSM).The award was given “for his steadfast and continued work with our Southeast Asian communities and the youth of Providence. Sarath’s dedicated vocation reminds us that the immigrant’s story is the story of our country and our community, that all people deserve a place at the table, and that speaking truth to power is possible every day.”



The 2015 Red Bandana Fund Award was presented to Prof. Eric Hirsch of the RI Coalition for the Homeless and to the workers of the Renaissance Hotel. Prof. Hirsch was honored “for his life-long commitment to bettering the lives of the poor and homeless in Rhode Island. Eric’s life and work is a reminder to all of us of the importance of both thought and action.” The workers of the Renaissance Hotel, many of them first generation immigrants, were honored “for their courage and persistence in demanding their right to a union and fair and equitable treatment and pay for their work.”



The 2014 Red Bandana Fund Award were presented to Henry Shelton and the Providence Student Union (PSU).Shelton, a longtime director of the George Wiley Center and a friend of Richard Walton’s, is known throughout the region for his steadfast commitment to bettering the lives of all Rhode Islanders, especially the poor and disadvantaged. The PSU has been addressing important issues of education in creative and powerful ways.



The 2013 Red Bandana Fund Award was presented to Amos House in Providence which makes a difference in the lives of others by providing basic needs, education and businesses such as the Friendship Cafe, More than a Meal Catering, and Bristol Harbor Homemade Baking Mixes.



Artimis Moonhawk and Sarath Suong, Awarded in 2016

Members of the Providence Student Union, Awarded in 2014

About The Red Bandana Fund

The Red Bandana Fund is a nonprofit (501) (C) (3) organization  organized to help sustain Rhode Island’s community of individuals and organizations that embody the lifelong peace and justice ideals of activist Richard J. Walton.

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To honor those who work so tirelessly and selflessly, with so little recognition, on behalf of those who need it most.


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